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Some Quests are Forever. Padmini Sharma on her latest Novel, The Eternal Quest

Padmini Dutta Sharma, author of seven books of international repute in a very candid conversation  about her recently released novel ‘The eternal quest’.   “I am innately happy being contradicted, glad in a way that I have been able to create ripples within the subconscious mind of my readers.” – Padmini Tell us something about

Sex and the Desi – It’s all in the Mind, stupid. Chawm Ganguly           

We are a people that wrote treatises on copulation in 400 BCE. The act of depicting explicit sexuality on temple walls and equating an orgasmic purity of the mind to become one with God dates even further. Our exploding population bears testimony to our virile ways and to judge us by prudish, jaundiced eyes of

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Khallas – Sense, Sex and Sensex – the Lingo of the Mumbai bourse :Chawm Ganguly

Mumbai – land of Dawood, Bollywood and the Stockwood. While phone calls to builders and diamond merchants who finance block-busters with alleged links to the underworld make routine news, the underworld’s infiltration into the stock market hardly ever attracts attention. “Ivy League MBA’s with their plum FII postings hobnobbing with the seamy underbelly of society?