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Kolkata based SKY led offers a banquet for Nobo Borsho

32 inch Curved LED infotainment sets from Sky LED takes West Bengal with a storm

Sky LED is one of the very few brands in the electronic goods segment that has not been affected by demonetization. On the contrary, the entity is doing brisk business, confounding many a seasoned market watcher. Others however, see nothing unnatural in the phenomenon. As one reputed Kolkata based dealer of television sets put it,

Markets led by SKY LED, the Rais Qureshi way.

Md Rais Qureshi is obsessed with technology. Technology that is sustainable and affordable. And it is this obsession, to bring eco-friendly products of mass consumption that are well within the reach of the average, common man, that has become the mission of his life. A mission that has taken him to shop floors around the