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Committed Hospital, Responsive Citizens and Social Media give 10-old Kashmir girl new lease of life

  Fatimah was suffering from a rare critical liver disease known as autoimmune hepatitis Her father, aged 48, a labourer, donated a part of his liver to save her Funds for surgery sourced through social media; hospital, medical team and surgeons waive off fees to make transplant possible 23rd July, 2018, New Delhi: In a

How Generation Z, Social Media and Mobile Technology are Transforming the Jewellery Industry

Jewellery Seminar Tackles Transparency and Responsible Business Practices   HONG KONG, Mar 7, 2018 – (ACN Newswire) – Among the events staged during the recently concluded HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show (27 Feb – 3 Mar) and Hong Kong International Jewellery Show (1-5 Mar) was a panel discussion on the future

Factors Inhibiting Banks from embracing the full potential of Social Media – Chawm Ganguly

Organisations that have been didactic for aeons at an end, used to “telling” people what is essentially good for them as opposed to holding a conversation, tend to look at Social Media as just another game that the smart-ass youngsters play on their expensive mobile devices. As a matter of fact, many Banks and Financial

Der Schrei der Sozial (the Scream of Social), Part II – Sumanta Adhikary

I received so many responses to my earlier piece that I was, honestly overwhelmed. I had written the earlier one in a lark, penning thoughts even as I had smirked at the quirks of life, with tarry a thought about audience response. What I had forgotten, was the all pervasive reach of social media –

The Social Executive: Top Asia Pacific leaders say being active on social media is vital to success

The Social Media Butterflies – Chawm Ganguly

Do women, especially women in India, approach the social media differently when compared to their male counterparts? Innocuous as it may seem, it is indeed a trick question for various reasons. For one, those asking the question are primarily marketers who want the answer to push whatever they are selling. Secondly, and more importantly, because

Turkish Airlines and Social Media Phenomenon Have Taken Off for Somalia

  Turkish Airlines, flying to more countries than any other airline in the world, this time has taken off for an important journey in the name of humanity. Call for action to Turkish Airlines by the social media phenomenon and online celebrities, while immensely resonates throughout the globe, has become a huge hope for the

Social Media – top trends for 2017 and beyond. Chawm Ganguly

Wither to Social Media? How do we ride the new boom to reach out and join the conversations happening around our brands, that too, in real time? What are the key areas that should concern us? How do we engage customers, both real and potential? How do we dominate the social media space? Can the

Love in the time of Cholera: Social Media in HealthCare – Emerging Trends. Chawm Ganguly

The Doctors, God save their ilk, are a busy lot. Between doing the rounds in the Hospitals and Nursing Homes they are attached to and conducting the private practices, they hardly have a social life worth talking about. Family and friends are often mere interludes – lucid intervals, if you may, in the endless (and

Nomophobia: the portend of things to come – Aditi Ganguly.

Social media and emerging trends in Psychology The machines have risen. We live in a world that is increasingly connected, device driven and digitally convenient. And, if I am not wrong, more Indians have mobile phones than access to a toilet. Now, this awe inspiring mobile penetration is not a bad thing, considering how easy