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St. Xavier’s University and Vision 2020 – Fr. Dr. Xavier Savarimuthu, SJ

Bistirno dupare, Oshonkho manusher, Hahakar shuneo, Nishobde nirobe, O Ganga tumi, Ganga boicho kano? “Amidst all the lament and despair of the millions around you, O Ganges, how can you flow on so silently?- with this bewildering question echoing in their hearts, on 28th November, 1859, 157 years ago, seven Jesuit pilgrims from Belgium ventured


“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”-W.H Auden St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, was host to the 4th Chapter of The Global Earth Summit, an international conference on Global Climate and Water Disasters, a joint initiative of the Jesuit community to discuss and combat water tribulations and promote wholesome-sustainable development. The Summit was inaugurated

St. Xavier’s Global Earth Summit IV – International Conference on Global Climate Change and Water Disasters concludes

Kolkata March 29th 2015. The St. Xavier’s Global Earth Summit IV a 3 day International Conference on Global Climate Change and Water Disasters, concluded today. The conference, the first of its kind where Jesuits from around the world participated discussed the threats posed by the twin threats facing mankind – Global Warming and Climate Change

The Argumentative Bengali – Chawm Ganguly

We Bengalis love our Adda’s. Over endless cups of syrupy tea sipped in a road side tea stall: aptly named “Bekar Parliament” (Parliament of the jobless / useless) with a killer, obnoxiously Bengali,  punch line “amader Dilli te kono sakha nai”(we don’t have any branches in Delhi ) or over any other drink covering the