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SMA Supports President’s Buy American, Hire American Executive Order

Washington, D.C.  – Philip K. Bell, president of the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) commended President Trump for signing the executive order to “Buy American and Hire American”. The executive order will help maximize the use of domestically produced steel in federally funded infrastructure projects. This will also help minimize waivers and exceptions to Buy American

SMA Comments on Election Outcomes

Washington, D.C.  – The Steel Manufacturers Association (“SMA”) today released comments on the outcomes of the 2016 elections. SMA President Philip K. Bell stated: “The SMA has a long-standing tradition of operating in a bipartisan manner.  We are pleased that this contentious election season is now behind us.  We look forward to working with both


Nine steel groups in North, South and Latin America, and Europe, today expressed cautious optimism for the outcomes at the G-20 leaders meeting that concluded on Monday in Hangzhou, China. “We are grateful that the leaders of the G-20 governments have recognized the severe impacts that global steel overcapacity in the steel sector around the

SMA Lauds ITC Vote on Corrosion-Resistant Steel

Washington, D.C. – The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) lauded today’s United States International Trade Commission (ITC) vote on certain corrosion-resistant steel products from China, India, Italy, Korea, and Taiwan.  Final antidumping and countervailing duties were upheld be a unanimous 6-0 affirmative vote. Steel Manufacturers Association President Philip K. Bell issued the following statement following the

Steel Associations Call on G7 Nations to Take Action to Address Global Overcapacity in Steel

Twelve global steel trade associations today released a statement urging the leaders of the G7 nations to take steps to address the current global steel overcapacity situation which is negatively affecting economies, industries and workers around the world. The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), the Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF), Eurofer (the European

SMA on preliminary antidumping duties on imports of corrosion resistant steel products from China, India, Italy, South Korea, and Taiwan

Washington, D.C. – The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) commented on today’s announcement of preliminary antidumping duties on imports of corrosion resistant steel products from China, India, Italy, South Korea, and Taiwan.  Chinese producers drew duties of 255.80 percent ; Indian producers face duties of 6.64 to 6.92 percent ; Italian producers were assessed rates of

Associations of Europe and North and Latin America present critical document to the “new” Chinese steel industry policy

Alacero – Santiago, Chile, April 20th, 2015. Eight national and regional associations representing the steel industries of Europe, North and Latin America joined in expressing their concern to the Chinese government about the recently revised “Adjustment Policy 2015” to the Chinese national steel strategy, released last March. The policy does not address the root causes