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Positive Economic Outlook but Protectionism, Uncertainty and Strong Dollar Pose Risks

Global growth is accelerating, with economic activity increasing in most regions of the world Signs of inflation are starting to emerge as business and consumer confidence grows Tail risks are substantial, however: political uncertainty, trade protectionism and the path of the US dollar could derail the reflation story For more information on the Annual Meeting,

Ma Dugga’s letter to Bhomlada – Chawm Ganguly

Ranajoy Rakshit (Bhomla) Jt. Secretary Puddapukur Barwari Samity, Bhowanipure, Kolkata Dear Bhomla, At the very onset, let me thank you for your emotionally touching letter inviting me and my family over for the Durga pujas that your para will be celebrating for the 77th consecutive year. My children and I were moved by the warmth