TechGig launches ‘Virtual Campus League’ to connect Top Campus Tech Talent and Top IT Employers

TechGig unveils the first-of-its-kind code contest in India for engineering students and graduates across India to show off their coding skills to 25+ top IT/Tech companies. The ‘Virtual Campus League’ creates a level playing where participating colleges and their talent gets a fair chance to showcase their talent within the industry August 22, 2017, New

Introducing the Champions of The World’s Largest Coding Contest

Meet the Winners of TechGig Code Gladiators 2017 – A Historic Event of Global Proportions ‘It’s absolutely surreal winning the World’s Biggest Coding Contest. With thousands of experienced coders participating I didn’t expect to win this mega competition. I guess I am lucky, but I also feel at the end of the day it is

Indian Programmers Set the World Record!

TechGig Code Gladiators smashes the world record set by Baidu in China by over 160% – creating The Biggest Programming Competition in History June 13, 2017: TechGig has proven that India is at the Top of the Global IT Industry, having won the Guinness World Record for the country by beating the likes of the

Tech Revolution in India: Youth Trumps Experience : TechGig Reports

69% of top scorers in Round 1 of India’s Biggest Coding Arena have less than 2 years of experience May 16, 2017: Over 2 Lakh coders who tried their best to win prizes worth Rs. 3 Crores, only the top 10K+ have made it to the Semi Finals, and only the top 200 will make

TechGig’s Winners REALLY Take it All! – TechGig Code Gladiators Bounty increased 600% to Rs. 3 Crores!

TechGig Code Gladiators 2017 sets out to make history again with 12 different coding arenas, 52 coding languages and Rs. 3 Crores worth of prizes for India’s Best Coders April 12, 2017: TechGig Code Gladiators (TGCG) has once again proven its credentials as India’s Biggest Coding Contest. Having successfully created and sustained its National Title

Bharti of Maharaja Surajmal Institute is TechGig’s Geek Goddess

Opportunity Equality creates greater Gender Diversity March 28, 2017: The recently concluded TechGig Geek Goddess event proved without a doubt that given the opportunity, top coders can appear from any background and are not are not exclusive to the top 10 institutes in India. Ms. Bharti from Maharaja Surajmal Institute, not only topped the Geek

TechGig Code Gladiators Breaks the National Record – Goes for GOLD!Calling India’s best coders for India’s biggest coding arena

India’s Biggest Coding Arena announces Bounty of over Rs. 5 Million! TechGig Code Gladiators 2017 700% Tougher than the IIT Entrance 52 – Languages, The Largest Choice of Languages in the World 2,00,000+ Top Coders to Compete and Test their Skills Rs. 50 Lakhs+ of Cash Prizes, Awards and National Recognition March 15, 2017: TechGig

Andrew Aitken speaking on Leveraging Open Source Software for the Enterprise

Listen to Andrew Aitken, Wipro’s global open source practice leader talk about best practices exclusively on November 18, 2016: According to a recent surveys, almost 80 per cent companies run their businesses on open source software. This is a massive growth when compared with the fact that only about 40 percent companies ran used

Java, C and C# Remain the undisputed Kings of Coding at India’s Biggest Coding Arena

TechGig Geek Goddess: A Grand Victory for Women in the Tech Industry TechGig Code Gladiators enters its most exciting phase –Top Coders converge on the National Capital for the Ultimate Battle to become the Undisputed Coding Champion May 17, 2016:  The tech community is buzzing and suspense is thick in the air as TechGig Code

Gen Y women coders turn scripting language divas! Are male coders losing the game? TechGig reports

TechGig data shows that young women coders are overtaking men in gaining expertise in scripting languages and guess what, they rank higher!                January 12, 2016: Scripting languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, Perl and Ruby are not a conventional choice of programming language for coders. These are traditionally used to glue together components created