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When #KeralaFloods came, people turned to Twitter

INDIA, 24 August 2018 – From government agencies to relief organizations to Bollywood actors and cricket stars, Twitter was the place in India to find out what was happening with the #Keralafloods. More than 2.62 million Tweets were shared across India and around the world on the #Keralafloods and the conversations continue to flow. Although

Der Schrei der Sozial (the Scream of Social), Part I – Sumanta Adhikary

They are short, pithy statements that have been bequeathed to us by the ancients. Statements – call them sermons if you may, that are sweeping in nature, but precise in their message. Yes, I am talking about proverbs – ditties of advice that are based on common sense, are born out of experience and expresses

Twitter leads Facebook and Instagram in B2B channel initiatives, according to Pulp Strategy’s Future of Content 2017 report

Amongst non-conventional B2B channels, Twitter steers ahead of Facebook (25.3%) and Instagram (18%) by garnering the approval of 47% marketers   New Delhi, 18 July, 2017: 75% of marketers chose Instagram as their most preferred channel for sharing image-based content, while Twitter and Facebook garnered brand approval ratings of 63% and 56% respectively for the

The Social Media Butterflies – Chawm Ganguly

Do women, especially women in India, approach the social media differently when compared to their male counterparts? Innocuous as it may seem, it is indeed a trick question for various reasons. For one, those asking the question are primarily marketers who want the answer to push whatever they are selling. Secondly, and more importantly, because

50 shades of growing old – Chawm Ganguly

Happy New Year, all ye pilgrims. As we settle back in our desks, let us for once forget about demonetisation and all that hogging our attention and haggling us as conversation magnets – that’s so last year . Dump them as the broken promises (or unhonoured promissory notes) that they were – let us instead focus

Announcing Live Video Creation on Twitter

Anyone can now broadcast and experience what’s happening anywhere in the world India, 14th December 2016: Twitter today announced that now anyone can broadcast live video directly from its apps. Powered by Periscope, live video on Twitter allows people to share and experience everything from significant moments to daily life together with an audience –

Love in the time of Cholera: Social Media in HealthCare – Emerging Trends. Chawm Ganguly

The Doctors, God save their ilk, are a busy lot. Between doing the rounds in the Hospitals and Nursing Homes they are attached to and conducting the private practices, they hardly have a social life worth talking about. Family and friends are often mere interludes – lucid intervals, if you may, in the endless (and

#WorldEmojiDay: Here are the most popular emojis on Twitter

  Sunday 7/17 is #WorldEmojiDay, and to kick off the celebration🎉, we looked at some data 📈 around how emojis are used everyday on Twitter . Emojis are used constantly on Twitter, helping us to express emotion and tell stories on a daily basis. Twitter has created a custom emoji to celebrate the beloved emoji’s

Twitter Announces Faster, Easier & More Expressive Tweets

Photos, videos & @names in reply Tweets will no longer count toward 140-character limit SAN FRANCISCO – May 24, 2016 – Twitter today announced it will simplify Tweets in the coming months, making it faster and easier for people to express themselves with more room in their 140-character Tweets. The simplified Tweet rules will make

Thank you! Love, Twitter

Top 10 Iconic Moments on Twitter in India Over the Last 10 Years On March 21, ten years ago, it began with a single Tweet. Since then, every moment of every day, people connect about the things they care about most — all over the world. As we mark this milestone, it’s you we want