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New report: Persistently high electricity prices threaten steel sector’s ability to compete with European competitors

A new report shows that UK steel producers today pay 62% more for electricity than their competitors in Germany and 80% more than in France Despite wholesale prices dropping over the past year, there remains a persistent gap between UK industrial power prices and those elsewhere, with German and French steelmakers paying £19/MWh and £22/MWh

UK Steel: Response to Committee on Climate Change Net-Zero Report 02-05-2019

Commenting on the publication of the Committee on Climate Change’s ‘Net Zero’ report, UK Steel Director General, Gareth Stace, said: “The CCC’s analysis of the road to a net-zero carbon UK lays out clearly the major challenges facing the steel industry in decarbonising in the years ahead. At an estimated abatement cost of £100 per

Government Response to the Helm Review on the Costs of Energy

Commenting on the Government’s official response the Cost of Energy Review, UK Steel’s Director General, Gareth Stace, said: “Today’s statement by Greg Clark shows the Government has failed to grasp the fundamental impact uncompetitive electricity prices are having on the steel sector in the UK. Today’s effective ruling out of any further short term solutions

UK Steel: Publication of ‘No-Deal’ Technical Notices         

Commenting on the publication of the first series of ‘no-deal’ technical notices UK Steel’s Head of Policy, Richard Warren, said: “The publication of these notices is a welcome move, injecting some much needed realism into preparations and demonstrating that the full range of outcomes are being prepared for, including no deal being arrived at. Importantly,

UK Steel Director on US Section 232 Steel Tariffs

US Section 232 Steel Tariffs: Commenting on the confirmation of 25% tariffs on steel exports from the EU to the US, UK Steel Director, Gareth Stace said: “President Trump had already loaded the gun and today, we now know that the US Administration has unfortunately fired it and potentially started a damaging trade war” “Since President

US Section 232 Tariffs on Steel: UK Steel and Community Union

  Commenting on President Trump’s signing of the Presidential Proclamation on steel and aluminium tariffs, Gareth Stace, UK Steel Director, said: “The UK steel sector has kept its fingers crossed for the last week, hoping that the official introduction of tariffs on steel would ultimately be more targeted and focussed. “Regrettably today’s announcement confirms our

Steel Associations Call on G7 Nations to Take Action to Address Global Overcapacity in Steel

Twelve global steel trade associations today released a statement urging the leaders of the G7 nations to take steps to address the current global steel overcapacity situation which is negatively affecting economies, industries and workers around the world. The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), the Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF), Eurofer (the European