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EDC Releases Updated White Paper for Blockchain-Based Securities Register

The full report can be found at equibit.org and at Cornell University’s arXiv e-print archive TORONTO, Ontario — Equibit Development Corporation (EDC) has released a revised and updated white paper for its Equibit platform, a blockchain-based securities register. “Since the publication of the original white paper we’ve made a number of advancements in the Equibit

World’s Thinnest Gaming laptop Now Features The World’s Highest Resolution 14-inch Laptop Display

Updated with the Next Generation NVIDIA GeForce GTX  CARLSBAD, Calif. – Razer™, the world leader in entertainment devices and software, today announced the latest Razer Blade now comes with the highest resolution 14-inch display available in a laptop. The stunning 3200×1800 touchscreen display features a record 5.76 megapixels, sharply exhibiting even the finest details and text

Installer in Dr.Web 8.0 for Windows Updated

BANGALORE, India – April 9, 2013 Dr.WEB, Russian developer of information security software, has updated the installer module in the eighth version of Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web for Windows due to the component’s enhanced capabilities. The updated version of the module incorporates a routine to restore the default product configuration file. It may come