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Stay Uncle’s Latest Ad for LGBTQ Goes Viral

~Stay Uncle launched same sex friendly hotels to salute the LGBTQ community~ New Delhi, 10 October 2018:  Stay Uncle (, a leading hotel booking website in India launched a unique marketing campaign to address the problem of hotel booking for the LGBTQ community. To reach out to the masses and spread awareness about the problem StayUncle

With Monsoon Arrive a New Set of Health Woes: Doctors at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon Report Rise in Viral, Bacterial Infections

Multispecialty, Paras Hospital, Gurgaon talks about some common disease prevalent during monsoon and measures to prevent them With high humidity coupled with heat, bacterial, viral and fungal infections become common Gurgaon, July 2015: The monsoon season is a time for some much-needed relief from the scorching hot summer months, but it is also a time

You get paid to Face Book all day? – Chawm Ganguly

Travails of the trade – irritants Social media marketers have to bear with 24 X7 Being a social media consultant isn’t easy. Some say, it’s like teenage dating – everybody wants to do it, but hardly anyone knows how to go about it. On the contrary, it’s more like appreciating arts: there are the Philistine,