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Only Men Aloud take Wales to Bollywood

For the first time ever, Hindi subtitles will be available on demand on an S4C programme. The channel has decided to provide the Hindi subtitle service on a documentary about Only Men Aloud’s musical journey to Mumbai in India. In Only Men Aloud yn Bollywood on Saturday, 15 April on S4C – the only Welsh

The Disappearing Hotels of Wales

 Mumbai, 21st March, 2017 – Two hundred fortunate visitors will get a chance to book themselves in hotels which will vanish gradually. These boutique hotels will emerge at three spectacular secret locations across Wales. This unique concept is a part of Welsh Tourism Planner as a part of Welsh 2017 “Year of Legends”. The concept

Only in Wales: 16 weird and wonderful things to do in 2016

Mumbai, 22nd December, 2015: As Wales celebrates its Year of Adventure in 2016, We would like to highlight 16 unique things to do in the destination – discover your own adventure! Learn Welsh Welsh is a Celtic language, and one of the oldest languages in Europe, spoken by an estimated 560,000 people in Wales. Learn

Festivals and Events in Wales (September 2015)

Wales Valleys Walking Festival (05 – 20 September)  The eleventh annual festival provides something for everyone, ranging from challenging all day treks to easier strolls and special interest walks. Listen to fascinating facts and take in a stunning view or two of the South Wales Valleys. Find out more about the Wales Valleys Walking Festival    World Mountain Running

Dyffryn Gardens named top Special Place in Wales

Mumbai, 13th August 2015 – The Vale of Glamorgan beauty spot now joins last year’s winner Penarth Pier Pavilion in the Special Places hall of fame. Over the past 12 weeks thousands of people have been voting for their top Special Places in Wales, as part of National Trust Wales’s national conversation to find the

Wales 2016: Year of Adventure – Grylls and Parks back Skates in making Wales the home of adventure.

The Welsh Government will embark on an unprecedented campaign to promote Wales as the world’s capital of adventure tourism. Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Ken Skates will launch a series of themed years, beginning with the Year of Adventure in 2016.   Mumbai, 15th May, 2015: The theming of future years will promote

Events & Festivals in Wales – May 2015

Mumbai, April 13th, 2015 – The coming months in Wales prove that there always is something to do at all times and for all people. So here is a list of events, which will surely leave you wanting more.   Machynlleth Comedy Festival 01 – 03 May Now in its sixth year, the Machynlleth Comedy

ANDRITZ HYDRO to supply equipment for the world’s first tidal lagoon hydropower project in Swansea Bay, Wales

Graz, February 10, 2015.  Following an international bidding process, Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay plc. has appointed the consortium by GE/ANDRITZ HYDRO as preferred bidder for supply of the electromechanical equipment for the world’s first tidal lagoon hydropower project in Swansea Bay, Wales.   The advance works agreement has now been signed. The bidding volume for

World’s Biggest Underground Trampoline Set to Open in Snowdonia, Wales

Only underground trampoline in the world Underground caverns are twice the size of St Paul’s Cathedral Technicolour changing light displays   A huge slate cavern in North Wales has been installed with the world’s biggest underground trampoline to offer unique and fun-filled adventures, set to open on 4th July. This giant underground playground is the

Wales offers exhilarating events in the coming months

This year the Welsh Government has planned a whole lot of events which caters to people of all genres. Whether you’re a fun seeking family, a chilled out couple, or anything in-between, there are plenty of things to do in Wales during these events. Unlock a land of myths and legends, vibrant history and culture, stately