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Over 50 per cent of working women in India feel that corporates lack breastfeeding facilities

The Medela Breastfeed India Survey 2017 highlights the role of corporates in helping mothers breastfeed while getting back to work New Delhi, August, 2017: On the occasion of World Breastfeeding Week, a breastfeeding survey conducted by Medela India, leading manufacturer of breast pumps and nursing accessories revealed that over 50% of the country’s working women

Working women, the Weaker Sex? Try me – Shayantani Sharma

On climbing the ladder of success – lad by lad! Nah! Enough of this convoluted, type casted rubbish about women journalists being subjected to work place sexual oppression by powerful Editors – bosses, ruling by sexually explicit innuendo’s bordering on a heady mix of senility, sinister misuse of position and an absurd desire to Viagra-ise

17 percent of working women reported to have faced acts of sexual harassment at work place. Many more go unreported – Oxfam India

Oxfam India today released the findings of an opinion poll titled ‘Sexual Harassment at Workplaces in India 2011-2012” during a workshop held at the India Islamic Cultural Center. The report revealed that 17% of working women in India feel that they have experienced acts of sexual harassment at workplace, indicating a high incidence of sexual