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World Economic Forum Opens Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution India

Indian government, States of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra and business leaders to pilot emerging technology policies created at the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution India Artificial intelligence, blockchain and drones selected as first project areas Policies and frameworks developed in India to be shared and scaled up in global network of centres   New

United Kingdom Partners with World Economic Forum to Develop First Artificial Intelligence Procurement Policy 

Calls for responsible and effective procurement of artificial intelligence to protect citizens United Kingdom to work with the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to co-design these new frameworks For more information about the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, please visit: Follow the conversation using #AMNC18 Tianjin, People’s Republic of

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions to Focus on Role of Science and Technology in Addressing World’s Most Critical Challenges 

World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2018 will focus on the impact of science and technology on shaping economies, societies and geopolitical structures of the future Meeting comes at an important juncture for global relations, as increased geostrategic competition accelerates movement towards a multi-polar world Geneva, Switzerland, and Beijing, China, 29 June

Applications Open For ASEAN Start-Ups To Join The World Economic Forum Meeting In Viet Nam 

The World Economic Forum today launched its ASEAN “Start-Ups Programme”, aiming to bring together the region’s most innovative start-ups and connect them with business, political and academic leaders Start-ups can apply now to join the community, and participate to the World Economic Forum on ASEAN in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, which takes place on September

World Economic Forum Appoints Professor Knut Haanaes to Lead New Global Leadership Institute

Knut Haanaes becomes Dean of the World Economic Forum’s newly established Global Leadership Institute Previously, Haanaes was a Senior Partner at BCG and taught at IMD Business School in Switzerland, Stanford University, BI Norwegian Business School and in the private sector The Global Leadership Institute will shape the future of learning and leadership in the

World Economic Forum Appoints Troels Oerting To Lead its new Global Centre for Cybersecurity

Troels Oerting will assume leadership of the Global Centre for Cybersecurity as of 2 April 2018 Previously, Oerting held senior positions at Europol, Danish Intelligence and in the private sector The Global Centre for Cybersecurity is dedicated to fighting cybercrime and organized digital crime For more information visit Geneva, Switzerland, 26 March 2018 –

World Economic Forum Convenes Health, Travel and Tourism Experts to Prepare for Next Global Outbreak

A pathogen can travel from a remote village to major cities on all continents in under 36 hours Current travel advisories and border measures unlikely to contain international spread of an outbreak More than 10% of global GDP and one in 10 jobs related to travel and tourism As part of the Forum’s work on

World Economic Forum Convenes New Consortium to Address Fintech Cybersecurity

A group of financial service experts, convened by the World Economic Forum, proposes 19 solutions for cybersecurity threats, the number-one risk to the financial services industry Acting on the recommendations, a newly created consortium consisting of Citigroup, Zurich Insurance Group, Kabbage, HPE and DTCC will develop cybersecurity assessment for fintechs and data aggregators Read more

To Prevent a Digital Dark Age: World Economic Forum Launches Global Centre for Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks could cripple economies, nation states and society without collaboration and robust defences Urgent action needed to create safe operating environment for new technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, self-driving cars and the internet of things Forum’s new Global Centre for Cybersecurity offers first platform for governments, companies and international organizations to diminish the impact

Focus on GDP Fuelling Inequality and Short-Termism

The World Economic Forum has developed a new metric of national economic performance as an alternative to GDP that also focuses on the living standards of people and futureproofing of economies Inclusive Development Index shows that economies are prioritizing policies that support short-term growth over inclusion and sustainability, despite concerns about social inequality Rankings of