The Best Writing Apps for the Best Writer

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Writing is a skill and to perfect it, you need to practice. Skills are like muscles, you need to continually practice them using the right tools to make them grow and enable you to perform better  but if you want to get experience how to write a brilliant essay you may count on Perfect Essay. But if you want to improve your writing skill, all you need is the right tools. In this age of the internet and smartphone apps, there are many free writing apps which are readily available on the Appstore. I have compiled a list of my favourite writing apps for Mac which is packed with innovative features that are designed to aid you to improve your writing skill.


The most popular iAWriter

iAWriter app was designed for those people who eschew cluttered workspace. The designers ensured the app is very minimalistic but never compromised on the tools it is packed with. Iawriter allows you to embed images, tables into your workspace and even export them to blogging sites such as medium and WordPress. However, I do not find it very convenient for students because it lacks a bibliographic management tool which is very important for student writers. But its distraction-free markdown language approach used by the developers make it one of the best writing apps for iPad.

Writing Pro

Writing pro is designed to make the writer follow promptly the different stages of writing. Many writers just jump straight into writing and mostly this is their undoing and their main impediment towards becoming better writers. If you have to learn how to be a better writer, you have to start by understanding the writing process and this app is exactly what it does.  This app has features that allow you to work in the different stages of writing: outlining, writing, editing, and reading. If you need to pay specific attention to a particular paragraph to perfect it, this app allows you to focus and zoom in on the paragraph you are working on at the moment.


Byword is exceptional in its own measure, especially in simplicity. The developers managed to pack all functionality into a single tool which as exceptional performance. Byword allows the user to insert pictures and there are extensive Markdown text options for if you are working with HTML. it gives the writer plenty of formatting options which allow the user to publish his/her content easily without much arrangement and rearrangement of the content. If your content is multimedia, it allows you to arrange it meticulously and position the content precisely where you want it to be. One hack for you that a lot of writers at use this app for writing stories, essays, diploma works and etc.


This app has few additional features than Byword. It allows the user to use other keyboards such as Fleksy and share your writing on different services. As a writer, you don’t want to be tied to a particular device or location and therefore the developers allowed the user to share his/her content on various devices such that he/she can continue working on the go. It has many fonts to choose from and some few aesthetic elements such as dark mode. It was designed to give the user a very interactive and intuitive look and feel which psychologically helps in writing. It is safe to say Byword is one of the most feature packed app for writers out there.

Pages apps

Apple word processors have been saving their documents as pages and it is likely this is where the developers got the name. The appis very close to what Apple offers their desktop usersin terms of functionality and connecting to the cloud to save their work. Writers can save their work on the iCloudand they may use tables and other ‘word processing’ features normally found on desktops. This app gives you the experience of a desktop and the functionality almost mimics that of the desktop word processors.

Write or Die

The mastery of every skill is always very painful and often times we feel that we can quit. And quitting always makes us losers. This app makes writers never to quit what they are doing because it forces them to write. It is designed to push the writer to write more or he/she loses the work he/she has done. The app first gives a visual warning if you stop writing. This is designed to call for your attention and get back to your work. The second stage of forcing you to write involves making a lot of aggravating noise. If you do not still resume your writing at this stage, the app now starts deleting the words you have written one by one. The last step ensures you resume writing immediately to avoid losing your work. If you have aproblem with finishing what you have started, this is the app for you. It will force you to do what you were supposed to do and that is a good thing.

Succinctly, the aforementioned apps have different features which are designed to help you become a better writer. You just have to choose the one that works for you best. Though the afore-described are majorly for Mac users, you can find similar writing apps for windows here with identical features as the ones described in this article.