This Durga puja do the Garba with the students of Bhawanipur Education – Celebrate the Dhamaal called Life! 

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IMG-20151010-WA0022Garba celebrates the eternal cycles of life (the word itself can be traced back to the Sanskrit for womb) and is a tribute to Maa Ambe (another manifestation of Durga). Garba is traditionally danced in circles, symbolizing the cycle of time – birth, life, death, rebirth – with the only constant being God in the ever changing universe.

On another level, Garba is the celebration of the victory of good over evil – the celebration of Goddess Durga’s triumph over the dark side personified by the demon king Mahishasur. This celebration of life, that transcends all – religion, caste, creed or colour – is what Garba is all about, where women of all ages savor the rhythm of life as they move in a joyous circle of time around the Garba Deep.

Garba is no ordinary dance form – it is also a celebration of knowledge dispelling the darkness of ignorance. The Garba Deep, a specially created earthen pot with a lamp inside, around which the dance is performed symbolizing the all pervading power that illuminates and empowers all those that partake in the ritual.   The Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC) pays tribute to this power of knowledge and enlightenment annually, with eager students participating in this quest to be one with the fountainhead of Life.

This year Dhamaal – the BESC Garba will be held on the 16th of October, in which about 1500 college students are expected to participate and invoke the blessings of the Goddess, in what will certainly be the biggest of its kind Garba in the City of Joy. The dress code will be strictly traditional, the music ethnic and the spirit inclusive and secular. As a matter of fact, BESC will be holding full-fledged workshops conducted by professional exponents of the art form to equip all willing students to master to moves leading to the event.  Dandiya-Raas will also feature in the evening.

Another highlight of Dhamaal will be the Rangoli – the sacred base on which the Garba Deep will be placed – which will be created using only natural colours and materials like shells, stones and flower petals to spread awareness about traditional art forms and our rich legacy of sustainability among those assembled. Small eats from the farthest corners of Gujarat will also be presented for the consumption of the participants and guests, all prepared with tender loving care by BESC students with a culinary bent of mind.

email : || contact: 9051316865

email : || contact: 9051316865

email : || contact: 9051316865

email : || contact: 9051316865

About the Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC)

BESC provides a solid campus experience in the heart of Calcutta, with temperature controlled and wi-fi enabled classrooms, free surfing stations interspersed throughout campus, a spacious cafeteria and common rooms with indoor games facilities. BESC boasts of a well-stocked library, with nearly 15,000 holdings and several internet-enabled computers, designed to meet all the students’ research needs and more.

BESC constantly strives to grow and impart learning-focused education through the introduction of new, cutting-edge courses recognised by the University of Calcutta. The Institution is especially committed to girl students, and believes in inculcating community engagement, imparting soft skills, fostering creative thinking, and empowering all pupils with leadership skills that will stand them in good stead not only in the competitive and constantly changing environment of the global job-market and workplace, but also help them become leaders within their respective communities.

At BESC, the stress is on creating leaders committed to excellence, and responsible citizens aware of their rights and responsibilities. BESC students not only go on to pursue higher education and find placements in excellent global companies, but have also consistently proved to be brilliant entrepreneurs.

Screenshot_2015-10-11-20-42-24-1For More Information Contact:

Koyena Pathak is a 1st year BSc (Eco- Hons) student of BESC. Koyena wants to join the heady world of Corporate Communications and wants to pursue further studies in the field of Public Relations. Her interest being the Social Media integration of CorpComm – an area she wants to specialize in.

Koyena is an active member of the Expressions group of the college that handles all matters communication and is in the core group organising various college events.

She is looking forward to Dhamaal – which she believes, will help her generation connect with our traditional legacies.  


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