Trabaajo wins Best Recruitment Application Award at World HRD Congress – 2017

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Recognized for revolutionizing and simplifying the hiring process through a mobile and integrated solutions

Mumbai, February 15, 2017; Trabaajo, a Xenture Technology initiative, the first of its kind mobile application for job search and recruitment facilities won the honors at HR Vendors Awards organized by World HRD Congress in Mumbai.The HR Vendors Awards by World HRD Congress recognizes the HR service providers for their contribution towards their client’s business from around the globe. The nominations and selection is done by the esteemed jury members of the World HRD congress.

Trabaajo helps in accelerating the hiring process and create faster and better engagement between the HR and the applicant. It is a self-sufficient mechanism driving world’s largest industries, companies and student community under one platform.   Recruiters and applicant will be able to complete critical, time-sensitive tasks on the go, so that recruiters and candidates are never left or lost in the traffic or waiting for evaluations and approvals. The application empowers anyone to get their desired job by making the entire recruitment process smooth. Trabaajo allows convenient scheduling of interviews for the job seekers.

The elated Mr.  Arun Kumar,CEO & founder of Xenture Technologies said “At Xenture, we make sure to provide simple solutions for the complex problems in business scenario and Trabaajo is the result of the same thinking. The Awards belong to all the team members of Xenture, who has worked hard to make Trabaajoa reality and makes it shine brighter.  The Awards gives the responsibility to come up with even better solutions and product. Me and my team are totally committed to outperform it next year.”

About Trabaajo

Trabaajo allows potential candidates to give live video interviews based on their aptitude test anywhere in the country and at any time convenient to them. It also offers free job posting, free document verification, and detailed resume format as per the industry standards, hiring analytics and talent engagement module for its customers.

Trabaajo also provides automated notifications. It acts as a first level screening tool for recruiters. The platform has been optimized to run at bandwidth as low as 128 kbps i.e. 2G networks. This is done keeping in the view the telecommunication infrastructure in India.

Trabaajo was founded in 2015 by R Arun Kumar and Sunaina Agarwal

What problems is it solving?

Trabaajo as an application is a time- effective tool helping to reduce the time consumed in the first screening rounds. Thus, Trabaajo brings about significant efficiency in the recruitment process and brings about improvement in hiring conversion ratios.

At the beta test, it has improved conversion ratios in face-to-face interviews from 15% to more than 73% for its clients. It also solves the time-consuming problem of scheduling interviews (coordinating calendars) between recruiters and candidates.

Other benefits include reducing fraudulent interviews through a robust proctoring mechanism and having an audit trail of interviews to ensure quality standards across the organization.

About Xenture Technologies Pvt Ltd

Flexibility & Innovation is our core strategy and mantra to success.  Spreading its wings in three main verticals- Media, Consulting and Technology, Xenture Technologies is a company which is geographically local yet with global standards.

Our unique and unconventional products and projects have proved to be the driving force which not only justifies our originality but also the extremes of creativity.

With the aim to offer the best, we make use of the best and most advanced technology and resources.

The company embarks on picking technology to marketing the projects; encompassing registration and pre-launch feedbacks, project management to production management support, onsite management and final post project evaluation.

Our one stop in house core business structure allows you to access all your business queries pertaining to the projects with our friendly, professional and innovative project coordinators who would be more than glad to assist you 24X7. This clear line of communication ensures a smooth process for our customers who might have complex logistics to manage large scale projects.

Our aim is to be the trendsetters in the market. While each founding member has a unique characteristic, the best quality that makes us different as a team is the fact that we are egoless individuals.

The confidence and support shared among the team members is the root cause that keeps this group moving forward irrespective of any obstacle.