Typhoo celebrates flavourful teas this National Tea day

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~ Finest Teas for anytime of the day! ~

India, April, 2017: It is said, “There is nothing more British than a nice cup of Tea”, Typhoo- the iconic British Tea brand since 1903, celebrates the same spirit this National Tea day.

Tea is not just a beverage it’s a phenomena!In the past decade Tea drinking experience has evolved immensely. To Indians it is more than a cup of tea to start your day with. The flavoursome cup of hot tea is an integral part of the rhythm of life here.

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world with many different cultures having their own serving traditions, in the UK and India, for example, it is customary for a host to offer a “cup of tea” accompanied by some biscuits or snacks as soon as a visitor arrives at their home. Chinese and Japanese tea serving traditions are more ritualistic and tea is often enjoyed in a refined setting. In Mediterranean countries, tea is consumed in large quantities despite the hot weather.

In the recent times, with increasing consumerawareness on product differentiating factors like aroma, origin, and taste etc, standard tea is making way for more premium variants and flavors. Typhoo’s extensive range of specialty black, infusions and green teas are just the varieties to cater to the increasing demand in this direction. Today’s consumers know what they exactly want and what flavor will suit their palette, keeping this changing trend in mind, Typhoo has over 25 variants of Teas including the 8 variants of Green teas, latest one being Lemon and Honey. To help reduce stress levels and cut down on Caffeine, Typhoo introduced India’s first Decaf Tea, which is equally loved by office workers to regular Gym goers.

The British brand not just serves one of the best Tea flavors available, but has also co-created many newvariants which are healthier, tastier than the regular beverages available, one such example is Typhoo’s Fruit Infusions range. Infused with the natural goodness of fruits and 100% organic blends, these are one of kind drinks which can be savored both as Hot or Cold beverage, hence, making a great option for summer coolers to cut down the heat.

Offering in it’s portfolio the widest range of Teas and Exotic blends, Typhoo supports healthier and sustainable planet, Typhoo’s aromatic beverages are also RainForest alliance certified contributing its bit towards the environment. It is easy to say with ever evolving lifestyle choices and trends across the globe, Typhoo has evolved in itself immensely, yet staying connected to its British roots and keeping the authenticity of hot cup of tea.

About Typhoo India: www.typhooindia.com