VivaConnect’s LiveTalk connects a million callers to PM’s oath taking ceremony LIVE over Mobile

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livetalk_final logo1When Shri. Narendra Modi took oath as India’s 15th Prime Minister, people from every corner of the world witnessed this glorious event over Television sets, Internet & Radio. However that wasn’t the only historic thing of that evening, the event had grandeur response on Mobile as over a million callers dialed in to listen LIVE streaming of oath taking ceremony right over their mobile phone.

As the ceremony was held late in the evening of a working day, that was a time when millions of Indians were busy working at office, caught up in their daily commute, stranded in traffic jams, etc. which meant missing the live telecast of the ceremony. If given an opportunity to enjoy a the LIVE telecast right from wherever they are, none would give a miss to the event. Bringing this thought to reality, VivaConnect, an innovative mobile marketing company partnered with BJP to broadcast the ceremony LIVE over a phone call. They published a phone number 022 4501 4501 as a means to connect, that connected over a million callers with the event. The response was massive considering that event lasted only for an hour.

This was the first time ever that a prime ministerial oath taking ceremony was made available LIVE over a phone call. Considering the enormous population of our country that has 529 million mobile users in urban parts & over 364 million mobile users in rural regions , the service established an easy connect for everyone right from the urbanites of metropolis to the people living in media dark regions.

Mobile holds an unsurpassed reach to nook and corner of every Indian city and even to the most remote Indian villages. Brands have been immensely benefited with mobile’s power of reach and similarly government initiatives can fetch better & quicker results by integrating mobile services in their  operations. The service can be leveraged by our new government to build an effective connect with people.

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VivaConnect is a Mobile Marketing Company having India’s LARGEST infrastructure for Voice and Missed Call Services. We manage a daily traffic of 50 million outbound calls through our pool of over 1700 PRI’s. We ideate, develop, and deliver “AWESOME” mobile initiatives and experiences for Brands, Television Networks and Enterprises creating a POSITIVE BUSINESS IMPACT. We meet the ever-changing & diverse customer needs on their most preferred device, THE MOBILE.

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